Friday, June 11, 2010

The Ultimate Guide to a Fulfilled Family

Review of Parents' Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being by Marcia Freespirit, CEO, JimSam Inc. Publishing

Roger Ellerton's Parents' Handbook is a tremendous resource for parents. This guide gives superb advice, tips, and techniques that have been proven to work. Improve your relationships with your children, understand what motivates them and reduce the stress and strife in your home.

Ellerton's broad experience and success with his techniques back up his advice. The situations are real, the advice is honest and at times, hard to swallow, but it works. Whether you want to improve communication in your family, or need a lifeline to prevent serious and sad outcomes with your children, this is the book for you.

This book takes time to read. You need to take your time, digest the content and share with your family. If you are intent on improving your relationships, it won't happen overnight, but it CAN happen!

This should be on the bookshelf in every home.