Friday, June 28, 2013

Free for a Limited Time. NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts: A Series of Articles by Roger Ellerton Volume 1

Brief Description: This ebook is an eclectic collection of fifteen NLP and personal growth articles that I have written. These articles range from discussing basic NLP concepts to challenging your current way of thinking and how you currently view the world. A companion ebook contains another fifteen articles and a third is planned. Many of these articles appear on my website, As well, some, in whole or in part, have appeared in my previous books or have been published in magazines or newsletters (e.g. NASA's Work/Life Navigator newsletter, The Costco Connection magazine, Tone magazine, Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine, Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine) or internet sites such as: (a web component to the lifestyle television show Positive Living TV, which aired on A-Channel, CityTV and One: The Mind, Body and Spirit Channel in Canada),,,,,, and Most of the articles in this ebook vary from the originals as almost all articles have been updated or been subjected to additional editing.

To receive a free copy of my ebook NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts: A Series of Articles by Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC Volume 1, please visit Unlike other sites, I do not ask you for your name, email address or any other personal information.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ask for What You Want

Friday, February 8, 2013

Book Review: The Hypnosis Treatment Option: Proven Solutions for Pain, Insomnia and Other Common Health Problems

This book is a valuable addition to my bookshelf and should be read by anyone interested in or practicing hypnosis.

I like the fact that the author is not a recent hypnosis graduate nor someone who has gathered thoughts from other hypnotists and put them in book form. Instead, Dr. Scott is a chiropractor with more than 25 years of experience using hypnosis for himself and to help his clients.

The book's title, "The Hypnosis Treatment Option: Proven Solutions for Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Obesity, and Other Common Health Problems", states the author's intention. On this, he clearly delivers, providing his own personal experiences working with clients and references to highly regarded medical and professional journals. Under the collective term "other common health problems", the author covers smoking, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, bedwetting, labor pain, fibromyalgia, teeth grinding, pre- and postsurgical hypnosis, irritable bowel syndrome and many other issues where hypnosis has proven to be effective.

I believe the following audiences will benefit from reading this book:

  • Those who are wondering what hypnosis is or is not and how it can be used. Part I (Chapters 1 - 5) covers: What is hypnosis (the process, how you would feel, how it works), myths and misconceptions, its history (including its use as an anesthesia), finding a good hypnotist and self-hypnosis.
  • Those who are practicing hypnotherapists or consulting hypnotists. From my experience, there are many well-intentioned hypnotists, who are narrowly trained. That is they are well-trained in what hypnosis is and is not, and how to assist a client to access a relaxed state. However, often they are not trained to sit down with a client and fully explore the patient's presenting issue and underlying factors nor the metaphor that the client is living that holds the issue in place. As a result, they often use pre-written scripts (one suit fits all). Dr. Scott gives many experiences from his own or other practices that illustrate how a session can be customized to address the client's particular issue.
  • Those who are affected by or have a family member who is affected by any of the mentioned ailments. Parts II and III of this book cover how hypnosis can improve your health by discussing how hypnosis has helped patients with various health conditions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does Chapters/Indigo Support Canadian Authors?

Chapters/Indigo is a major Canadian book retailer through its “bricks and mortar” and online stores. And in my opinion Chapters/Indigo does not fully support Canadian or local authors. Allow me to give you two examples:

  • My most recent book, “Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships” (
    was published on June 23, 2012. Within a week, it was available for sale on the Internet at all Amazon stores around the world (USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada) and at Barnes and Noble. Today, almost three months later, in addition to the retailers mentioned earlier, it is available for sale at,, (India), (Australia), (New Zealand) plus many other online retailers, but not at This, despite the fact that my book is listed in Library and Archives Canada’s Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) program (CIP enables the cataloguing of books before they are published, and the prompt distribution of this cataloging information to booksellers and libraries. This statement comes from the Library and Archives Canada website).
  • Chapters/Indigo to their credit does provide shelf space for local authors (for authors in large metropolitan areas, there can be considerable competition to have your books displayed on these shelves). However, if you are lucky enough to have your books on these shelves, your books are not listed as being available in the store’s inventory system even if your book is listed in Chapters/Indigo’s internet database.
As a result, even though your book is prominently displayed on the “local interest” shelves, the vast majority of in store shoppers are not aware of your book and its availability at that store, especially if it is a genre other than “local interest”.

I have found independent bookstores provide much better support for Canadian authors. For example, if they don’t have it on their shelves, they are very helpful in looking up its availability and ordering it for you. In fact, Ottawa based Singing Pebble Books ( has copies of my books on their shelves and my books are listed in their online catalogue – something that seems to be too difficult for Chapters/Indigo to accomplish.

This inaction by Chapters/Indigo has a negative impact on both me and Chapters/Indigo. My book sales are affected as the many regular Chapters/Indigo shoppers do not have access to my book while Chapters/Indigo is impacted as I am not able to list them as a supplier of my book in my various promotional activities. Thus I send these potential book buyers to Chapters/Indigo’s competition.

What would I like Chapters/Indigo to do?

At a minimum, I would like Chapters/Indigo to:

  • Include all books that are listed in the Library and Archives Canada’s CIP program in Chapters/Indigo’s online database within one month of being published.
  • Include books that are accepted for placement on the Local Authors shelves (only those books with an ISBN) in that store’s searchable inventory database.

I welcome your thoughts either supporting or adding to my views or providing evidence to the contrary.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships (with NLP)

Press Release

Roger Ellerton’s book, Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships (with NLP) was recently published by Renewal Technologies Inc. ( According to Roger, “This book is not a quick read nor “tip of the month” book. It is for people who are serious about improving their win-win influence skills with others, be it at work or at home.”

Roger draws on his training and experience as a former university professor, federal government executive, certified management consultant and certified NLP trainer to illustrate his work with real life examples and present influence as a four step process that anyone can follow. His book is based on a principle promoted by Zig Zigler, “You can get anything in the world that you want, if you help somebody else get something they want.” The tips and processes draw their elegance and effectiveness from NLP – one of the best, if not the best, models for understanding and improving your communication with others.

According to Roger, you are continually influencing other people whether you are aware of it or not. And would it not be useful to work on having these influence situations turn out better for both of you? One error that people often make, including some seasoned sales professionals, is to present their idea or product in a way that makes sense to themselves; that is how they like to buy into an idea. But we are all different and have different “buying strategies”. You need to present your suggestion in the way that the other person can see the benefits they will gain and in the way they like to process information and to buy.

Patricia Fry (Ojai, California, says, “I recommend Roger’s book to anyone who can use assistance in enhancing his or her personal and business relationships. I'm convinced that anyone can learn how to become more successful in social and business situations and this book definitely offers steps in the right direction.”

According to Ronda Degaust (London Ontario,, an internationally recognized life coach and trainer, “This book offers simple methods for moving from features to benefits, identifying what is important for the other person, establishing rapport, reading nonverbal behaviors and addressing potential objections.”

Win-Win Influence is Roger’s fifth book. Other books include: Live your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up and Parents’ Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide to Family Well-Being.

Roger Ellerton helps individuals and organizations to learn, to address challenges at work and at home and to get more of what they desire in life. He has accomplished this as a tenured faculty member at the University of New Brunswick, an executive in the Canadian federal government, a certified management consultant (CMC), coach, trainer, author and international public speaker. Win-Win Influence may be purchased from any online book store or through the website

Friday, November 12, 2010

All-Encompassing Change with NLP

After many professional development trainings and workshops, I have left feeling inspired, motivated and ready to change things with the best of intentions. Sadly, these desires often became faint, or have left me a few days after the event. I did leave my NLP training feeling much the same way, yet very different. I left not only with excitement about the future, but also with a new sense of confidence and solidity within myself. This grounded, integrated feeling within me hasn't left yet, nor will it. It is the foundation that I lean on everyday as I do daily visualizations, put ideas into action and continue to take steps forward to creating the reality that I desire. The fear and doubt that had so encompassed me before the training, is faint and often non-existent. A change really does take place on a neurological level. It is up to me to reinforce what I have learned.

Not only has the NLP strengthened me and given me new energy for myself and my own life, the knowledge and faith I have in the method is present in conversations that I have with other people. Through the process of sharing my experience and understanding of the material and the NLP model, others, too, have become intrigued and want to know more for themselves. Opportunities have arisen purely out of my own excitement and evidence of changed behaviour since taking this training.

I am a better coach, business partner and friend in general because of my ability to listen to myself and to others with a different sense of acuity and sensitivity. The heat and the triggers in conversation feel like bygones, and I am free to really be available and present to those involved. It has become clear to me that facilitating conversations is a strength of mine and this NLP training has definitely taken it up a notch or two.

During the training one of the trainers said, "The barriers disappear when the outcome is truly important to us." This has stuck with me as I re-evaluate what it is I want to do with my life and realize that the motivation comes when there is passion and then the barriers do disappear. I feel freed from limiting beliefs and empowered to really design what outcome I want for my life.

Thank you for the opportunity and the gift of each of the trainers!

Author: Anna Lisa Bond is a Coach, Facilitator, Wellness Practitioner and the founder of LEAP Professional Coaching and Wellness. After 25 years working in education, she felt the desire to take a LEAP. A LEAP into something that was creative, empowering, flexible and transformational. The journey alone has been all of those things for her. Along the way she created LEAP - Leadership, Excellence, Awareness and Possibilities - a place where conversations and experience facilitate change at a transformational level. Where will your next LEAP be to?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Practical Communication Magic

Transformational, practical, content rich, and MAGICAL is how I would describe the basic NLP Practitioner training offered by NLP Partners/Renewal Technologies Inc., Ottawa. Having taken many training courses over the years across Canada and the USA, this training was top notch giving me cool tools and processes to move my life and business in new directions.

If you have ever lost your motivation, as I had by the time I arrived, this program will get your juice back! I was given the opportunity to rediscover my passion, understand how the way I interpret the world impacts those I engage with, and spring clean the inner closets of my mind, setting a platform for success. Under the expert tutelage of John Sweetnam, Dr. Roger Ellerton, and Su Thomas, the senior trainers, and the excellent support of several other coaches, I learned the art and science of communication, and language use, in a new and exciting way.

Landing back in the reality of my professional and personal life, after completing the seven day intensive, I am focused and moving forward with intention, extremely happy to have once and for all dumped my inner critic in a virtual garbage can, along with other limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck! I am now engaging with clients and colleagues in a whole new way, and in my first week back have shared the gifts of NLP with diverse workshop audiences, as well as attracted three new clients! I reckon that's a pretty good return on investment! I'm not saying it was easy, and who knows what'll happen from now on! One thing I do know is that we are only limited by our imagination! So what can you re-imagine......are you ready for the NLP challenge?

Author: Rachel Foster MN CMC CEC
Rachel is an enthusiastic and seasoned professional with diverse experience in both the public and private health and human service sector in Canada and the UK. As a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Management Consultant, Rachel offers results-oriented leadership coaching, team learning, and conflict transformation, and loves to work with the toxic waste polluting our workplaces! Rachel is passionate about supporting you to discover your brilliance, achieve success, and be the very best you can be in everything you do!