Monday, February 26, 2007

Interview with Julie Fillion, speaker at the 2007 CANLP Conference, April 13 – 15,

Presentation title:

How to show value for your services: measuring the impact of NLP based interventions in business

Would you please provide my readers with a brief overview of your background?

My 20 year work experience in science and management gave me the opportunity to give presentations to various audiences as well as to manage teams. This is how I became interested in how people communicate, learn and develop, as well as in creating a motivating and efficient work environment. These interests led me to complete a Masters in Public Administration in 2002, and to become a certified NLP Master Practitioner in 2006.

What is your current business practice and what role does NLP play?

Topaz Coaching & Training Inc. offers consulting, training and coaching services. To put it succinctly, NLP gives me an edge to understand client’s internal motivations and preferred mode of communication; it also gives me a battery of tools and exercises that I use. The research paper I wrote towards my coaching studies investigates more in depth what NLP brings to the coaching competencies described by the International Coach Federation; this analysis reveals that NLP has a lot of value to bring to all coaching competencies.

Would you please provide a brief summary of your presentation at the CANLP conference and indicate the key points that someone in your audience can expect to learn?

My presentation is on how to demonstrate value for your services to business clients. Since I have a background in management in a large organization, and I’m also a small business owner, I bring both perspectives to this topic, which many people perceive as being complex… My presentation will simplify this topic for CANLP participants who will learn how to measure the impact of their work by combining case studies and success stories with simple measurements. Large corporate clients need facts and figures to show return on investment, yet people also relate strongly to a good success story. My presentation will make the link between these two aspects of showing value for your services and will help small business owners with their marketing strategy. We will also look at what makes a study reliable and credible, so people will find it easier to chose which studies to cite in support of their work.

For those who would like to learn more about you, do you have a website that they can visit or a way that they can easily contact you?

My web site is currently under development; I can be contacted for information on the services I offer at:

In particular, if there are specific questions people would like to see addressed during my presentation at the CANLP conference, I would love to hear them!

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