Friday, March 2, 2007

Interview with Jan Miller, speaker at the 2007 CANLP Conference, April 13 – 15

Presentation title: Making changes takes just a little longer with the "Impossible"

Would you please provide my readers with a brief overview of your background (e.g. when did you first start to study NLP, what level of training have you achieved).

I started training in NLP in 1990 and completed all the levels including being a Trainer of NLP Then I trained with Robert Dilts and Robert MacDonald with Tools of the Spirit which led to taking the NLP Health Certification Training.

What is your current business practice and what role does NLP play?

I have my own business - Training individuals and groups, have a private practice and am a motivational speaker.

Please tell us about any NLP articles or books that you have written.

- articles for Anchor Point - also working on a book

Would you please provide a brief summary of your presentation at the CANLP conference and indicate the key points that someone in your audience can expect to learn.

Making changes takes just a little longer with the "Impossible"

This workshop is about designing the kind of space and relationship that increases the probability and supports people in taking a quantum leap in their evolution or growth:

  • learn a working model for effectively dealing with the more challenging problems people bring.
  • understand your own beliefs and obstacles about taking on the impossible.
  • experience a model of helping people to become their own expert

For those who would like to learn more about you, do you have a website that they can visit or a way that they can easily contact you?

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