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Interview with Patricia O'Reilly, Speaker at the 2007 CANLP Conference

Interview with Patricia O'Reilly, speaker at the 2007 CANLP Conference, April 13 – 15,

Presentation title: Somatic User Interface

Would you please provide a brief overview of your background (e.g. when did you first start to study NLP, what level of training have you achieved).

I started taking NLP courses in the late 70s and was an NLP trainer by the early 80s. I have trained with most of the original NLPers; been on the board of IALP, NAANLP; served an the Canadian representative to these bodies; and worked actively on CANLP since the late 80s. I've presented at NLP conferences in both Canada and the USA.

What is your current business practice and what role does NLP play?

I established Metamorph Us in 1987. We give NLP practitioner and Master trainings and use NLP in coaching and consulting with a current emphasis on Stop Smoking with NLP and hypnosis. Recent client was NRC (National Research Council). We are one of the few NLP Institutes using NLP and Noology.

Please tell us about any NLP articles or books that you have written.

I have created an original pattern called 'Kairos'. It's a way to take the clutter out of making decisions and is availiable as a DVD with handouts in eight languages.

Another original product is a illustrated chart to help parents, care givers and child care workers use somatic movement to help babies reach a state to achieve success, and more easily deal with the unexpected.

Two articles have been published in Suppose, the CANLP magazine. Back issues can be accessed at their web site Other articles have appeared in an assortment of publications most of which can be seen at

Would you please provide a brief summary of your presentation at the CANLP conference and indicate the key points that someone in your audience can expect to learn?

This newly created NLP pattern explores the effects of shifting perceptual awareness on a problem even as it helps us understand how & where problems inhabit our own personal space.

Learning objectives include:

* utilizing up to 14 spatial positions for change

* understanding of a new new tool for change that is successful with individuals and groups

For those who would like to learn more about you, do you have a website that they can visit or a way that they can easily contact you?

My website is or I can be reached at or 613-741-4993

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