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Interview with Shelle Rose Charvet, speaker at the 2007 CANLP Conference, April 13 – 15

Interview with Shelle Rose Charvet, keynote speaker at the 2007 CANLP Conference, April 13 – 15.

Presentation title: Irresistible Presentations (preconference seminar) and The State of Success in the New Millenium. (Sex, Diets and Success) (keynote address)

Would you please provide us with a brief overview of your background (e.g. when did you first start to study NLP, what level of training have you achieved).

I started studying NLP in 1983 in Paris where I was working as a communication trainer. I continued learning and teaching NLP until I returned to Canada in 1989. I was the founding president of the Canadian Association of NLP in its current format and continue to support the organization in many ways.

What is your current business practice and what role does NLP play?

I am in the behaviour change business; helping people acquire the reflexes they need in high stakes situations. I use applied NLP and the contents of my book Words That Change Minds to help people become masterful persuaders: marketing, negotiating, sales, and high performing teams. I also certify people around the world to become Words That Change Minds trainers and consultants. My company Success Strategies / Stratégies de réussite provides behaviour change programs, training and keynote speaking around North America and Europe in English, French and Spanish.

Canadians can also occasionally see me on CBC, CTV and other networks commenting on election campaign strategy, or you can see these clips for yourself at my site:

Please tell us about any NLP articles or books that you have written.

Our top bestseller is our CD Presenting Ideas to Skeptical People.
We also have Understanding and Triggering Motivation; Building Long Term Relationships with Clients (Decode what your customers really want); Only Pick a Fight When You Can Win.
In French we have my book: Le Plein pouvoir des mots and the brand new CD set: Communication. Motivation. Efficacité.

Would you please provide a brief summary of your presentation at the CANLP conference and indicate the key points that someone in your audience can expect to learn?

I will be conducting a pre-conference seminar called Irresistible Presentations so people can learn how to move large and small audiences with elegance and logic. And I will be giving the keynote address, entitled The State of Success in the New Millenium. (Sex, Diets and Success) which is a critique of the self-help and success movements with a proposal for alternatives!
Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would love to see many people attend our conference. This is THE gathering in Canada for people who love NLP and want to make a difference in the world.

For those who would like to learn more about you, do you have a website that they can visit or a way that they can easily contact you? or in French
To view and obtain my books and CDs:

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